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Canieti names Carlos Funes, of Softtek, as its new president

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March 26, 2019

Carlos Funes Garay, general director of the Mexican technological company Softtek, was named new president of the National Chamber of the Electronic Industry, of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Canieti) for the period 2019-2020, during the LXII General Assembly of this organization.
Funes Garay, who since 2011 has been executive director of Softtek, a Mexican software services provider, announced the work plan that will be at the forefront of the association that brings together electronics companies, technology information and telecommunications.
“Without a doubt, technological disruption impacts us every day in all aspects of our lives . Internet of Things is today a reality that today connects machines with people; Manufacturing evolves into what we know as Industry 4.0, where 3D printing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence transform the way goods are produced and released and services are delivered. Our jobs are automated based on robots, information grows exponentially every minute, giving way to the data industry. Our world is different today than yesterday, “said Funes Garay, during the presentation of his work plan for the period 2019-2020.
He added that in view of this reality, the chamber, the organizations and sectors it represents are responsible for developing the capacities that the country demands in order to maintain a competitive Mexico, a connected society and a digital economy.
Work plan 2019-2020
Funes said he is aware of the challenges that arise from the digital environment and added that he is certain that it is based on solid foundations. He assured that bridges will be established with the government to develop the conditions that will allow the country to advance in the consolidation of the industries to which Canieti represents.
“We have the responsibility to work to provide strategies, solutions and services in conjunction with the government to help achieve their goals in terms of transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and generate a government close to the people,” said Funes Garay and endorsed the commitment and Canieti’s willingness to work with the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
The work plan that Funes agreed with the different offices of the chamber at the national level covers the three sectors represented by the organization that today leads: electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies.
Regarding the electronics industry, Funes said that this sector has become the second largest exporter in Mexico, only after the automotive industry. He said that since the demand for innovative electronic products will continue to grow in the world, Mexico should consolidate itself as a strategic global player.
He assured that he will work with the government so that the electronic industry is defined as strategic,which will give way to public policies and the generation of a program proposal that establishes bases and conditions for its accelerated development, which will make Mexico a more attractive nation. to invest. He added that it is also key to strengthen the productive chain around this industry that includes small and medium-sized companies established in Mexico, in order to encourage the integration of national content.
The new president of Canieti announced the creation of a Vice Presidency for Foreign Trade and Border Affairs within the Chamber in order to improve export and foreign trade conditions, by maximizing the benefits of the trade agreements that the country has developed.
In terms of telecommunications, Funes said that one of the challenges to accelerate the development of those communities and people who are in less favored conditions is to bring access to the Internet and communications to every corner of the country. “This is a priority for our camera and for the government,” he said. He said that to achieve this, it is necessary to work on the deployment of infrastructure, especially 5G networks and installed fiber optic capacity.
Original post by Rodrigo Riquelme

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